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Applying to become an Associate at The Hoxby Collective

Our #workstyle movement helps us do what we love at our absolute best. Tell us — what work do you enjoy? What’s your expertise? Knowing this information will help us better understand your #workstyle, the type of work you might be able to bring to the community and how we can best collaborate.

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We care about your individual skills, passions and circumstances and if you are accepted to be an Associate we will take all three of these into account when working with you, so we’re going to ask you a bit about each of them here.

Please tell us a little more about your talents and your working history. In which of the below disciplines do you work in?

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Your example of your most effective work can be in any discipline, we welcome applications from all functions.
At the heart of every great project is a Project Manager, integral in holding the many parts together and ensuring smooth communications with our clients. Is being a Hoxby Project Lead something you feel you have the skills for and would be interested in?


Our community is exactly that — a community. That means we’re looking for Associates who can jump right in and get familiar with our talented network of freelancers, as well as the platforms we use to deliver high quality work. To help us better understand your connection to our movement, please be as specific as possible in telling us what you are most passionate about.

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The Hoxby Collective lives and breathes by the #workstyle movement. We believe the working world should be a meritocracy, where everyone is free to work in their own way and evaluated based on their output. We're looking for Associates who will be active members of this movement by helping with new business development and engaging in our thriving virtual community.

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Please let us know what you would bring to the community and any ways in which you currently support the workstyle movement.
Why does our cause particularly resonate with you? If you were accepted as an Associate at The Hoxby Collective what would you do to help promote the workstyle movement within your own networks? *

The Hoxby Collective exists in order to promote the workstyle movement; we believe the working world should be a meritocracy, where everyone is free to work in their own way, and evaluated based on their output - wherever, however and whenever they choose to deliver it.
We’re a business and collective that’s run and built up by freelancers across the globe. How will you use your skills to drive our community forward? *

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